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I Tried Some of NYC’s Most Popular Fitness Classes

The month of September, I tried 10 fitness classes in New York City using ClassPass. ClassPass is a gym membership that allows you to try classes at different studios in your city. Using ClassPass allows you to take advantage of classes that you may not normally take. It’s important to switch up your workout, and ClassPass makes it fun to step out of your fitness comfort zone. Some of my favorites that I am definitely going to be trying again were:

1. Y7 Studio

I tend to take a yoga class at least once a week, so I definitely wanted to try a class at Y7 Studio. I took the 60 minute WeFlowHard Vinyasa flow class and it was unlike any yoga class I have taken before. They put a fun twist on yoga by playing hip hop in an infrared heated room. This was the most exciting yoga class I have ever taken. It felt great being in such an encouraging space surrounded by such strong people. The infrared heated room made sweating feel so good from every move and position that we did. I am excited to go back and take another class.

2. Switch Playground

I was a little nervous before taking the Switch Group Class at Switch Playground. It started and ended off with some yoga stretching, then did a bunch of quick exercises at different stations. I usually don’t prefer taking group cardio classes, but Switch Playground makes it so much fun. It was a tough workout that combined cardio and functional training. I liked trying new workouts, but I wish they would have explained some of the moves beforehand since it is so fast paced. I am definitely going to come back with some friends for this awesome group workout. 

3. Physique 57

I grew up as a competitive dancer, so I really wanted to incorporate some kind of dance class back into my workout. At Physique 57, barre classes combine cardio, strength training, and stretching to tone the whole entire body. I took the Signature class and it was an incredible full body workout that left me sore for three days after. At first, it may not seem like it is a full workout because each barre move is so simple, yet small, but by the end of the class you are exhausted. It felt great being able to do barre again and I want to try out some of their other classes that they offer. 

4. Box+Flow

I’ve always wanted to try a boxing class, so I took a class at Box+Flow. The class combines 40 minutes of boxing and 20 minutes of yoga. It was nice having a workout with both boxing and yoga. The instructors are extremely motivating and push you to your fullest potential. The energy and music makes it so fun to box to and easy to catch on. Now I understand the hype with boxing, and I can’t wait to take another class at Box+Flow. 


Christina Avianto is a senior at Fordham University majoring in communication and culture and minoring in digital technology and emerging media.
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