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How I use Adaptogens in my Diet to Manage Stress

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.

When most people first hear the word adaptogen, there are probably a lot of different things that come to mind. I’m sure from the title, a lot of people probably think I’m about to tell you all about magic mushrooms or some other weird psychedelic product BUT I promise you adaptogens are something entirely different and completely changed the wellness game for me.

Adaptogens are different plants and herbs that can be supplemented into one’s diet to help manage things like stress and anxiety. They can be taken in the form of a daily supplement pill, in a tincture, or as different powders that can be added into your food!

Here are some of my favorite adaptogens and how I use them in my diet!


Ashwagandha comes from the evergreen shrub and has a lot of calming properties and can help to regulate your cortisol levels.

I love to use ashwagandha in my oats and baked goods and mixed with all things chocolate! It’s great to add to coffee as well if you’re prone to jitters. I love to use Copina Co.’s cacao calm mix with ashwagandha for a cozy and calming beverage.


Maca root powder is one of my favorite adaptogens to supplement into my diet as it has a sweet almost caramel like flavor that goes really well in my morning oats or in protein smoothies! Maca is really great for energy as well balancing hormones and libido!

Goji Berries

Goji berries are the perfect topping to any oatmeal or yogurt breakfast bowl, smoothie or salad! They’re super easy to add to any meal and don’t require any preparation or fuss. Goji berries are great for boosts of energy and an overall sense of wellbeing.


I love to drink a nice warm cup of rhodiola tea to combat fatigue (without any coffee jitters) and improve my stress levels. Teas are another super easy way to add adaptogens to your daily routine that’s as easy as boiling water and popping in a tea bag!

These are just a few of the many adaptogens that work to combat stress in our lives. The best part about adaptogens is the many forms they come in which make it super easy to find what will fit into your routine the best! I definitely recommend doing some more research about which adaptogens will benefit your life the most. It’s important to be consistent with your adaptogen routine to make sure to get the best benefit.

For a super approachable and informative podcast to get you started on your adaptogen journey, I love the What the F*ck is Seamoss Podcast ! Some brands that have great adaptogen products are HUM Nutrition, Four Sigmatic, and Sun Potion! Be sure to check out your local health food store for an additional variety of products too!

Meg Cardi

Fordham '22

Meg is an Anthropology major part of the Social Work program at Fordham who has a passion for all things regarding sustainability, fashion and food!