How to Combat "The January Blues"

The dreary months which seem to stretch all the way from January to April make it all too easy to fall into a pattern of balance and bleak monotony. Rather than striving to find, “the perfect balance,” why not challenge yourself to practice a little spontaneity and combat the “January Blues!” The following list is a set of tips for switching up your January routine. 

  1. Practice saying, “yes” to more opportunities you usually wouldn’t, even if it scares you!
  2. Reach out to people you normally wouldn’t, or haven’t made time for recently. 
  3. Search for new outlets of inspiration (listen to new kinds of music, start a new book or show)
  4. Challenge yourself to stray from your regular routine (find a new study spot, or try a new restaurant)
  5. Plan a trip, excursion, or something to look forward to 
  6. Write down everything you’re grateful for at the end of the day
  7. Join a new club, or pick up a new hobby 
  8. Add some decor to make your room feel a little more cozy 
  9. Take advantage of winter activities with friends (catching up over coffee, ice skating, or sledding)
  10. Make some home-baked goods
  11. Take care of yourself (try a new workout class, cook a healthy meal) 
  12. Don’t forget to treat yourself every once in a while!