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From Summer To Fall: How To Stay Healthy and Mindful

When the end of September rolls around, it’s time to put away your bathing suits and beach towels and put up your Halloween decorations. The season change from Summer to Fall is challenging, mainly due to the drop in temperatures. The start of fall each year can cause people to lose their appetite, stay in the house, and lose energy and sleep, leading to sickness. To avoid some seasonal depression, here are tips to help you stay healthy and mindful this season:

Prioritizing Restful Sleep can help your body cope with the change in the seasons. If you’re feeling sick, a significant cause of it could be not getting enough sleep. Getting a good eight hours of restful sleep will not only energize you for the morning but put you on a schedule that you can try to stick to each day. Some things you can do to prepare for a restful nights sleep include: setting your phone or electronics down an hour before bed, having a cup of tea or warm milk to relax, reading a few pages of a book, adjusting the room temperature so it’s suitable to your liking when under the covers and getting your clothes out for the next day, so you don’t have to worry about it in the morning when you wake up. 

Exercising or staying active throughout the week can prevent you from losing momentum. I know the colder weather may prevent you from exercising outdoors, but I would recommend putting on a jacket and going for a nice outdoor walk or run while the temperature is not too low just yet. However, once an outdoor walk is just not feasible anymore, head to the gym and get your body moving. Even if you are not a gym person, going every once in a while to walk the treadmill and get your heart rate up can be beneficial. You can even make it more fun by inviting a friend, family member, or significant other! Now it doubles as both a chance to stay active and a catch-up with someone you care about. 

Meal Prepping is a tactic that many people resort to. If you’re like me, fall is a busy time, and cooking seems too tiring and time-consuming. This can cause people to start eating unhealthy or, worse, not eating at all. To stay healthy during the season transition, you have to make sure you’re fueling your body. To help with the stress that cooking a complete meal comes with, try meal prepping! It’s not for everyone, but if you have some free time on a Sunday, pick a protein you enjoy, grab a carb and a vegetable and make a bunch of servings! If you’d rather your meals be made fresh, cutting your veggies and putting your desired portion of carbs together so they’re ready each day can make eating that much better. Food is fuel!

Planning Activities with Friends can add some excitement to the fall season. You may not be able to go to the beach or the pool in the fall, but there are so many fun fall activities you can participate in! Some of my favorites include apple and pumpkin picking, visiting a farmers market, touring a vineyard, or watching a spooky movie with friends. Finding a little bit of free time each week can remind you that fall is not only about work or school. Having the right balance of work and play is key.

Taylor Masi

Fordham '22

Taylor is a senior majoring in Journalism with a double minor in Film & Television and Communication and Culture. Aside from writing for HC, Taylor is the captain of the Fordham University dance team, where she performs at all home sporting events and choreographs for the team. She also is a member of the Fordham Dance Marathon, where she helps raise money for pediatric cancers and writes for The Ram, Fordham's student newspaper.
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