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Club spotlight: A Moment of Magic

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month so it was only right to sit down with the e-board of A Moment of Magic and discuss the fairly new club, what they stand for, and what they hope to accomplish in the future.


What’s the name of the club you two are representing? A Moment of Magic Foundation


What are you positions? Ellie Roberts- President and Amanda Papaleo- Vice President


What’s the mission of A Moment of Magic? To restore the magic of believing at a time when a kid just needs to “be a kid” and remind them to be brave, strong and fearless.


Can you explain a little about what club members do? Members dress up as popular characters from works geared towards children and then visit children fighting cancer. Our most popular services are princess visits, superhero visits, and direct family support. Our chapter does individual visits, bedside visits, facetime visits, and group visits.

What are some ways for Fordham students to get involved? Come to our weekly meetings on Wednesday nights! You can also donate money to our chapter through the AMOM website, share AMOM posts on social media to raise awareness.


Why do you stand behind AMOM? We stand behind AMOM because we are committed to making a difference and raising awareness for pediatric cancer. It’s an incredible feeling to see the smile on the children’s faces when they get to meet their favorite princess or superhero. It spreads positivity and hope to the children, their siblings, and their parents. As an organization, we fight for the forty-three children diagnosed with cancer everyday. We fight for more than 4% of research funding from the government. We fight for the survivors, the angels, and the fighting.

How this club has had a positive impact on you and fellow members?

Giving back to the community is one thing, it’s another to be able to make friends and lasting memories in the process.


What do you hope to see this club accomplish in the future?

More members! This means more characters and going on as many visits as possible! Every little bit helps.


What’s your favorite memory since starting the club? Going to the Times Square Goes Gold Event. Every year in September (pediatric cancer awareness month) children with pediatric cancer and all pediatric cancer awareness supporters gather in Times Square and all the digital billboards turn gold to bring attention to the disease and the need to raise funding for it. There’s nothing like it.


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