Analisa Blanco, FCRH'17

Name: Analisa Blanco

School & Year: FCRH'17

Major: Biology, 5 Year Track for Masters in Education

1. Describe yourself in five words: Positive, outgoing, funny (or at least tries to be), personable, klutz

2. Can you describe your involvement on campus? My involvement on campus is a bit eclectic. First and foremost, I serve as a resource and mentor to freshmen commuting students as a commuter assistant (this is my third year as a CA and I absolutely LOVE it!!) I always tell new commuting students that you can still get the “college experience” even if you commute; college is about what you make of it! Other than the CA program, I'm involved in the Italian club, Insieme, and I'm also in the ballroom dance club (hands down my favorite dances are bachata and salsa). I’ve even helped out two of my friends who are fabulous dancers demonstrate some bachata combinations. I also partake in some volunteer workshops I saw at the volunteer fair: once a week for two hours I tutor two fantastic high schoolers at the CitySquash Tutoring center right next to Full Moon on Arthur! Pizza + Helping others = win win.

3. What’s it like being a Commuter Assistant (CA)? I've been a commuter assistant going on three years and each year I learn something new about myself and about others. Being a CA is such a rewarding experience; not only are you helping out commuting students transition into college life, you’re also developing leadership skills, personal relationships with your students and your fellow CA’s, and you put on really awesome events! As someone who aspires to be a high school biology teacher, I really enjoy building a relationship with my students, and learning how to improve my communication and teaching skills.

4. What's your favorite event that you put on? My favorite event has always been the monthly CA tea times! I really love planning them with two other CA’s and developing a different theme each time. They're so relaxing and also engage other students to de-stress and just chill with tea and sweets. What more could you ask for??

5. What's something you want people to know about you that they might not? My favorite organelle is the mitochondria because it's more than just the powerhouse of the cell. Oh and I'm a beast when it comes to Italian card games and basketball.

6. You had an internship in boston, can you describe that experience? And what tips you would give to other people pursuing similar internships? 

 I L-O-V-E-D this experience so much! So through the 5 year Masters in Education program I received a month long internship with SummerLab at Boston University as a Program Assistant/ Education Intern. SummerLab is broken up into a one week and a two week program for high schoolers who enjoy science and labs. They learn how to properly conduct a mock clinical trial while also knowing the correct technique on several lab practices. I was one of four interns who arrived days before the first program and we were responsible for prepping the reagents for each lab. I will say that I did have to adjust to being in a dorm and in a new city (I'm a commuter and a homebody so my dorm experience was rather slim), but the fact that we remained busy those few days and we were able to have time to explore the city made the transition much easier! Side note I found out that Boston takes its pad Thai and Nutella crepes very seriously which I was not upset about in the slightest. We acted as assistants to the lead teachers and even taught a few topics ourselves. I truly was grateful for this part of the internship because I gained so many valuable resources and techniques on teaching science! The SummerLab team was so welcoming and they were absolutely wonderful to work with! After class, we would then be responsible for planning an evening event with our student group. This was truly a great experience that I wouldn't switch for anything! I think when pursuing any type of internship, it's always great to develop a rapport with people and to know what you would gain from that particular internship (in other words don't take it just to take it).

7. How do you make New York your campus? New York is such a unique place, you will never find anywhere that comes close to the greatness of this city. I make New York my campus by taking advantage of everything the city has to offer (museums, theater, one of a kind stores). I love exploring the city with friends or my aunt who works near Grand Central. We always try to find really cool spots to eat (yes, we’re totally foodies). One time we found this specialty Japanese dessert store whose only location in the U.S. was that very spot. Let me tell you that was an experience my tastebuds will never forget.

8. Three places in Manhattan that you think every collegiette should go to: At least one museum, an off-off-off Broadway play, and anywhere that takes your student discount (restaurant, play etc.). That's doing college right!

9. Favorite song to listen to you on a ram van? Wait A Minute by Willow - oh my god I love that song

10. Any tips for Fordham collegiettes? Work smarter not harder, be present, know people's names. Honestly knowing someone's name and saying hi to them makes them really feel important and this can then be carried on in an interview, or life in general. It's a skill that most people overlook, but it's so simple and effective. Be present, show up to things; an opportunity may come your way because you were there (and know people's names). Work smarter not harder: as a biology major, I wish I would've mastered this sooner. Know it's okay to ask for help from teachers or your peers; don't just tough it out. Work with others to master your weaknesses and build up your strengths. People will see you're a force to be reckoned with.