The 7 Best Study Spots on Campus

Midterms are right around the corner, and every colligette needs that perfect study spot. So here are some suggestions of places you can study and get that A. 

1. Walsh Library 

This is an obvious one, but if you can find a little spot to call your own, you’re golden. With everyone going to Club Lib during midterms, it may be harder than usual to find a seat.  If you have not before, try the fourth floor. It's super quiet and most don't venture that high.


2. Dagger John's

This place is great for those early morning study sessions. You can grab a coffee from Francis and then commence the torture that is midterms. This is a great place for someone who needs a little background noise to focus.


3. McGinley 2nd

The McGinley 2nd couches are perfect for both individual as well as group study sessions, especially during the late night hours.


4. Hughes Hall 

This is one for all the Gabelli students, but even as a Rose Hill girl myself, I find the first floor lounge an interesting place to sit and study. It's a little busy at times, but that may help some students focus. 


5. Random Classroom in Keating

With the amount of classes that Keating houses, every student has stepped into this building at one point or another. You can usually find one empty classroom especially after 4 p.m. So if you're looking for a place to study before you grab a bite to eat for dinner, this is perfect.


6. Keating Basement

Keating Basement is another place that is good for studying, a little bit like McGinley 2nd but on a much smaller scale.


7. Keating Rotunda

Personally one of my FAVORITE places to study. It's quiet because there are classes going on, but still is a little busy so it’s not dead silent. In addition,  Keating Rotunda is beautiful and you feel like you are studying in a castle sitting on the wooden cubicle benches.

May the midterm odds be in your favor!