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5 Things to do in NYC This Weekend (COVID-19 EDITION)

Welcome back to NYC, Rams! Despite being in the middle of a global pandemic, there are still many ways to safely take advantage of all that New York City has to offer. 

The Greens

While Fordham has lots of beautiful green space, The Greens is the best spot to get the perfect mix of suburb comforts of a lawn and a city view. The Greens is located in the Seaport district and has incredible views of the Brooklyn skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. These 14x14 mini lawns come equipped with Cabana-style lounge chairs, a sun umbrella, USB charging port, and built-in Yeti cooler, perfect for relaxing. There are also 12x48 gaming lawns that come with cornhole, bocce ball, and more. Their snack bar has all the perfect treats to satisfy your cravings and it features incredible sunset views. 

Outdoor Workout Classes

While NYC gyms are finally starting to reopen, some may still be a bit worried about going inside these shared spaces to workout. Luckily, there are plenty of outdoor workout options across the city! Some classes that I’m most excited to try include outdoor yoga in Astoria Park, dance classes in Bryant Park with 305 Fitness (students get a 50% DISCOUNT with a Student ID!!!), and outdoor spin classes at BYKlyn.   


One thing many people love about exploring NYC is the variety of incredible museums. I thought getting to walk around a museum any time soon, but many are actually already open (by following the city safety protocols, of course)! A few of my favorites that are already open are… MoMA, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the MET, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, and the American Museum of Natural History. So whether you want to learn something new, see some incredible art, or get some very aesthetic Instagram pics, I highly recommend visiting these museums! Just make sure to check out the websites in advance to see if you need to buy tickets in advance (and check if they offer a student discount because several do). 

Another tip is to read this great guide from the official NYC website that has a full list of all the free museums: https://www.nycgo.com/articles/free-nyc-museums 

Thrift Shopping

Although we all scouring thrift shops for a hidden gem, now is an even better time to hit the shops to find some vintage pieces. If you were as bored as was during quarantine, you probably cleaned out about half your closet for donation. This was one of the biggest trends of the early stages of quarantine, and this brought TONS of amazing pieces to thrift stores! Thrifting is always amazing because it is easier on your wallet, it is much more environmentally conscious, and you are almost guaranteed to find something amazing that no one else has! My favorite thrift shops in NYC are Beacon's Closet, Buffalo Exchange, and LTRAINVINTAGE.   

Go Sight-seeing

Finally, one of the best adventures for COVID-19 times is NYC sight-seeing! I know, I know, going to Times Square is usually a spot to avoid when exploring NYC, but hear me out! Right now is a very unique time for the city because there are almost no tourists! While we are lucky enough to have the city to ourselves (and about 8.4 million other people), I highly recommend going to see all of the iconic NYC while you can remain socially distant and really explore. Some of the most iconic sights to check out are Times Square, Central Park, the One World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the High-Line. Take advantage of the tourist-free city and up your Insta game with people-free backgrounds of some the best sights NYC has to offer. 

However you choose to spend the semester whether it be from the comfort of your living room or exploring SoHo in between classes, make sure to wear a mask, social distance, and wash your hands! 

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