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3 Things to do When You Can’t Study Any Longer

In the midst of midterms, life can get pretty hectic. While studying, writing essays and going to your professor’s office hours should all be top priority to help you get the grades you want it’s important to make sure to give yourself a break every once in a while. For every few hours of studying why not try one of this useful tips to take a breather.


  1. Listen to a podcast- My love for podcasts really started back when I was sixteen and got hooked on Serial. Podcasts are great for sitting back, kicking up your feet and absorbing information like a sponge. During midterms, they’re a great way to relax but still have your mind going. These days I’ve been listening to Lady Gang and 1% Better.

  2. Watch superhero shows and movies- Hear me out. I’m not telling you to turn on Netflix and watch a rom-com or reruns of your favorite sitcom for the seventh time, but watch something educational but lighthearted. Netflix has seasons upon seasons of CW remakes of the original DC Comics totally redone. Put on The Flash, Arrow, or Supergirl and not only will you be watching beloved characters kickass and joke around, but these shows are jam packed with knowledge in physics, chemistry, and biology. It’s the perfect break for the science student.

  3. Go for a walk- Fresh air is good for the soul. It’s time to take advantage of the (finally) crisp Fall weather. Walking gets your muscles moving in a way that won’t wipe you out and make you more exhausted than studying already has. Plus a trip to the Botanical Gardens or Central Park, or even a lap around campus, is so much more refreshing than stale library air.

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