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Zoella’s Video on Empowering Young Women

“Good Morning everybody, today is the day that I film myself getting a smear test”. Not the first thing I was expecting to hear Youtuber Zoella say when I clicked on her new video. Zoe Sugg a YouTuber with 4.8 million subscribers decided to upload a video of herself getting tested after meeting with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.Image Credit: Zoe Sugg’s Instagram

She wanted to encourage more young woman to go to their own screenings. The gynecologist can be a scary place, especially if it’s your first time getting screened. You have to get naked in front strangers and you’re not sure what to expect. This leaves a lot of women opting out of their screening. In Zoella’s video, she interviews her practitioner, getting to ask some questions many of us probably wonder too. The practitioner also made it a point to stress how important and life-saving smear tests can be. The doctor then walks her and the audience through the procedure itself, showing off the tools and how each will be used, as well as why they are being used. After the test is over Sugg meets up with a group of women to discuss their experiences when getting tested.

The 44-minute video is just as personal as it is informational. A big chunk of Zoella’s following on YouTube consists of young girls. This is why she felt it was so important to post a video like this. A massive population of women are skipping out of smear test out of fear and ignorance. This video shines a light on exactly what to expect during the exam. As well as, stresses just how important it is to go in and get it done. She hoped by sharing this video, she could ease some of the anxieties and questions related to getting tested, and that girls would feel more inclined to make a visit to their GP. Many applaud Zoella’s efforts to bring awareness to this. If you’ve ever had any doubts or questions about visiting a gynecologist and felt too scared to talk about it, watching this video could ease your mind too!

Amanda is a Sophomore on the Premed track. When she's not studying or writing you can find her at the nearest coffee shop reading the latest book or shopping with friends.
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