Your Best Semester Starts Now

Here we are again the beginning of the semester. At the start of each semester we all set goals for ourselves. Whether it’s getting all A’s, applying for that internship you’ve always wanted, being more involved on campus, etc. We start off with enthusiasm, excitement, anticipation and the drive to achieve everything we want.

But for some reason towards the middle and end of the semester we start to slack off. The motivation and goals we had somehow seem less attainable. Why do we slack off during the final stretch? No matter what the reason or reasons are we’ve all been there.

Here are some tips on how to keep that beginning of the semester momentum going all semester long:
  • Live everyday as if it’s fresh new start. So what if you forgot to turn in that one assignment or if you didn't get the grade you wanted? It’s a new day! Try not to let what happened yesterday affect you now.

Live in the present moment—do whatever you have to do starting today to make up for what happened yesterday. Rather than think “what if” think “next time”.

  • Quit complaining. Yes, stop it. We all do it.

We complain about difficult assignments, not having enough time to do assignments and not achieving what we want because of x, y, z reason. Complaining is taking away time from you reaching what you want. Life happens and let’s face it—things tend to go wrong more than right sometimes in our life but JUST DO IT.

  • Be positive! I know in sometimes this sounds as if it’s not achievable. We can’t be positive all the time. But when you’re having a bad day and everything seems as if it’s falling out of place turn your day around by being positive and thinking instead that its only a moment.

Feeling down because your classes aren't making any sense? Ask for help! Seek out all the campus resources available to you. Continue doing what you need to get done and don’t focus on the negative.

  • Engage in real productive study groups.

We all tend to go to the library with a couple friends or classmates and end up staying for hours on end because we're not productive. Instead we catch up, gossip, surf the web, etc. versus spending at least two hours entirely focused and getting things done. Break that habit, set a time frame and keep the phones out of reach. You'll get much more done. 

  • Write down all your goals for the semester somewhere you’ll see it often. Towards the middle of the year keep looking back at them: remember the 100% self-belief you had in the beginning of the semester.

All those amazing thoughts you have right now on your own self expectations of this year will refresh in your mind and give you a push to keep going!  

  • QUIT THE PROCRASTINATION. Try to get into the habit of starting your assignments on time.

Doing small parts of the assignment every other day is better than procrastinating till the last minute and then feeling down and wondering if you would’ve gotten a better grade if you had started it earlier.


Now go forth and commit to your own personal growth this semester.

Your best semester starts now! Keep the focus. Keep the drive.