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Yoga Youtubers to Flow With In Your Dorm

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Yoga is a healthy way to destress while moving your body and getting in tune with your breath. The benefits of a yoga practice can greatly help any college student, and luckily you do not even have to leave your dorm or dedicate too much time to do it! There are so many yoga YouTubers out there who post classes that you can follow along to and here are some of my favorites and why:

The bare female

The Bare Female is a channel that specifically provides yoga flows to connect with your femininity and reconnect with your body’s senses. Each of her videos is not only relaxing and nourishing to the body and mind but they also have a beautiful aesthetic to them!


Yoga with Nico

Nico Marie is a black yogi whose channels provide a wide range of different types of yoga flows to suit all of your needs and help you unlock all the benefits of yoga you wish to receive. Throughout her flows, she is great at talking you through each pose and making it accessible for all levels. She also incorporates spirituality and astrology into the different practices.


Akshaya Agnes

Akshaya Agnes has yoga flows that can connect you to the traditional ancient practice of yoga, as well as yoga, flows to relieve different health ailments you may be experiencing. As she is not only a yogi, but also a fitness instructor, you can also gain a workout through some of her content!


Marina Alexeeva

Marina Alexeeva creates yoga flow to help create a healthier and happier life for all of her subscribers. You can find a variety of different types of yoga flows from beginner to advanced and from relaxing to high intensity. Whatever type of yoga flow you are looking for, she likely has a video for it.


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