Why You Should Get Involved on Campus

College isn’t all about attending classes, cramming for exams and getting no sleep – it’s a time for self-discovery. The best way to do that is by getting involved, and with spring semester in full swing -- it’s the perfect time to start.

We pay thousands of dollars in tuition every semester but not all of it goes toward our classes. A lot of what we pay is so FIU can provide us with the “full college experience”, which means football games, clubs, organizations, research opportunities, gym memberships etc. If we don’t take advantage of all FIU has to offer, we’re throwing away hundreds of dollars each semester.

FIU provides thousands of students with tremendous opportunities that help us grow, develop long-lasting connections, and teach us about community and innovation. If you’re looking to get involved at FIU, here’s why you should and how to get started.


FIU employs leading faculty members in their respective fields. Many of our professors and staff have years of “in the field” experience who will gladly and graciously, share their connections with their students. Professors may offer research and internship opportunities that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Looking beyond the classroom, our organizations provide countless networking opportunities as well. FIU’s Greek life has entire alumni associations devoted to helping their brothers and sisters succeed. FIU offers about 300 clubs and organizations for students to choose from, all of which are sure to help you form worthwhile connections.

Resume booster

Creating a resume is all about marketing yourself to future employers or mentors. This can be really hard to do if you have no work experience or have only ever worked in restaurant jobs as a server, like most people under the age of 25. College involvement is a great substitute for work experience. Most FIU organizations are run entirely by students, giving you the perfect opportunity to grow in the club, become an e-board member and tackle on more responsibility. These are all important skills and accomplishments to highlight in a resume.

FIU also offers nationally recognized organizations that can help students get a jump start in their careers like PRSSA or AMA. Having organizations like these on your resume show that you already have experience in your field, are a team player and have a strong interest in the subject. You may also be interviewing for a job with a person who was involved in the same organization as you were, giving you an advantage over other candidates.

Discover a new passion

College can be a really stressful time. One of the biggest struggles for most students is choosing the right major. Getting involved at school can really help with that. Maybe you’ll be promoted to treasurer of a club and you’ll realize you have an eye for business. Being involved in different activities gives you room to branch out and discover new interests. You may even decide to make this new interest your career, which you never would’ve discovered just sitting in a classroom. Your school involvement can even help you after graduation. A recent study showed that only about 27% of students get jobs within their majors. Maybe you realized a little too late that even though you majored in political science you don’t want to be a lawyer, but you loved creating the digital media for your club and you have a portfolio of all your designs. This can help you land a job in graphic design. Your major doesn’t always have to define your next move, sometimes the things done outside the classroom are more important.

Build long-lasting friendships and develop a sense of community

With over 54,000 students enrolled at FIU, it can be really hard to make friends, especially if you didn’t grow up in Miami. Joining a club at FIU will help you meet people and develop long-lasting relationships. You’ll be able to meet other students who share the same interests and passions as you do, which will ultimately make your time at FIU more fulfilling and worthwhile. You’ll also be able to develop a sense of community with your school. For most of us, FIU will be our home for at least the next four years. Joining in on the many activities FIU has to offer will make FIU feel more like home. It’s also been proven that getting involved at school gives you a deeper sense of school pride which we can always use!

How to get involved

To get a complete list of all the clubs and organizations FIU has to offer visit this site. Make sure you’re also following FIU on social media and checking in regularly with campus life, so you can stay up to date on all the events going on at FIU!

College is a major investment. We’ll be spending most of our time throughout our college career on this campus, so it’s incredibly important that we are making the most of our time. Getting involved on campus ensures that you’re investing wisely in your education and your future.