What to Pack: College Backpack Essentials

We’re off to the start of a great semester. I hope that this past week, more commonly known as “syllabus week,” was everything you expected it to be.  There is no doubt that slowly but surely within the next couple of weeks you will start to see the workload begin to pick up in your classes. If you are like me and spend almost every hour of the day at FIU, then you must have the following essentials with you at all times. Ever since I started carrying these with me my collegiate life has changed for the better and I hope it will change yours as well.

1.    Power Snacks

    It is important to make sure that you always have something to munch on while your brain cells are working non-stop. Healthy snacking improves overall health, regulates mood, releases stress, and boosts your brainpower. In other words, it gives you the energy that you need to keep going. The following are some of my favorite power snacks.

-    Apple slices with peanut butter

-    Mixed nuts

-    Greek Yogurt and mixed berries

-    Protein bars (Cliff, Kind, Questbar, Nature Valley)

-    Any type of fruit   

2.    Essential Oils

    As humans, it is part of our nature to experience stress especially when it comes to taking a test or giving a presentation. Therefore, something that I have found very useful and extremely helpful is essential oils. Aromatherapy with essential oils is one of the most popular modes for stress relief. They could also be used to control depression instead of relying on pharmaceutical antidepressants. Essential oils also help alleviate headaches, enhance your immune system, and increase memory capabilities’. Luckily for us as FIU students the Healthy Living Program located at the Student Health Center provides a free bag of essential oils to students every week. They come in mini bottles, which is beneficial to carry around with you at all times.

3.    A Planner/Agenda

    If only we could manage to remember everything, life would be ten times easier, but unfortunately with the millions of things that we have to remember its almost impossible. I cannot live without my planner and when I tell you that I write down everything and I literally mean everything! Having a planner has made my life so much more organized and whether you are a person who likes to use a planner or not, trust me when I tell you that being able to write down everything for the week can be very beneficial in staying on top of it all. Plus, you can even manage to squeeze in some YOU time.

4.    Gym Attire

The best way to help reduce stress is by sweating it out. That is why having your most comfy gym attire with you is a must. The FIU gym offers a variety of customized classes to fit your needs. Download PantherFit from the apple store and register for classes today!

5.    Chargers

    If I could count the number of times I have asked someone to lend me his or her charger I would be here forever. Carrying your cell phone, headphones, and computer chargers at all times is a must especially if you spend most of your day at school. Make sure that you are labeling your chargers with your name and panther ID so they do not get lost.

Deciding what to put in your backpack is hard enough especially when you have to walk all around campus every day with an extra weight on your shoulders. By carrying the above items, you’ll be more than ready for a successful academic year. 

Love and Inspiration, 

For you,