What I Didn’t Expect To Get From Studying Abroad

1. A variety of conversation starters

The amount of stories I have from studying abroad, whether it be of places, or situations, have been an incredible way to connect with people. I have shared these stories with way more people than I ever expected- in interviews, jobs, networking, and just socially. I had to come up with several ways to be innovative in my travels to get everything I wanted done. These experiences have helped me to relate to a variety of individuals that have been in similar situations and makes me feel even more human whenever I do. It has also led to developing deeper relationships, and given me the most real friends I have ever had.


2. An inner confidence that exudes to others

Until recently, I hadn't realize the confidence I have been exuding to others. I truly believe this inner confidence started showing more after studying abroad. My first experience abroad gave me the courage to be able to go wherever I wanted in the world. When I was younger I was pretty scared to travel alone, therefore I challenged myself to do two more study abroad programs that took me all the way to Dubai and India. Without these experiences, I don’t know if I would feel the way I do now about being able to tackle on any adventure and opportunity that crosses my way. I am open to relocating for work experience and have realized the value of getting outside of your comfort zone.


3. Souvenirs that take me back in time, and inspire others

Throughout the three study abroad programs I did, I collected souvenirs that were not only personal to me, but also inspiring to others. My favorites are now the jewelry I wear spontaneously from all over the world. These pieces remind me of all the memories I have made in all my travels, but have also led to incredible conversations with people who compliment these accessories. I end up sharing my stories with others who take time to point out these pieces I purposely wear, and hope it’ll lead them to create their own abroad experiences one day.


4. A stronger yearning to learn

Traveling has helped me to see all the information there is in the world to learn. Every country has its own history, art, and culture to be proud of. It is what makes the world go round, and what has led me to be where I am, and all my friends are today. Understanding the world in a more personal way, has helped me to connect with others I meet in a more personal way too. I now have an interest, stronger than ever, to know where any individual I meet comes from and his or her background. It explains so much when you know this, and it’s beautiful to me when you can take away even more from a conversation because of experiences that helped you connect more personally with those you meet next.


5.  A satisfying feeling that the world is just one flight away

Realizing that the world is only one flight away is insane. I sometimes feel invincible because of this. I have also developed a strong appreciation for good airlines that work to make this easier and more affordable. They are truly changing the world in this way, and making it smaller and smaller so we can all more easily reach each other. No thought makes me happier than that.


I hope these points convinced you it’s time to get the next flight to an adventure nearer to you than you think right now. Traveling truly changes your mindset for the better, now go see for yourself.