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Three YouTube Channels That Motivated Me to Work Out At Home

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I have always worked out but, as I grew older and life got busier, it became harder to stay active. So I have decided to devote an hour of my time, three to four times a week, to being more active and taking care of my health, especially considering that I spend most of my day on my desk, studying. It’s important to note, however, that while society often imposes certain expectations, working out should be focused on taking care of one’s physical and mental health.

If you want to start a new hobby that involves working out (for you, not for society!) here are three YouTube channels that helped me stay motivated:

Grow with Jo

Before finding her YouTube videos, I used to dread doing cardio. Thanks to Johanna Devries, I look forward to workouts that involve walking. Not only she makes working out a fun time, but she also helps you get your steps in. And if you’re busy, she provides videos that last from ten to twenty minutes. She uploads videos that range in expertise level, from beginner to advanced.

MOve with nicole

Pilates benefits joint mobility, improves your posture, and releases muscle tension. Nicole Kastoun helped me improve my posture tremendously with her workouts. She provides videos where you can start as a beginner and work towards becoming more advanced. Not only do her videos challenge you, but her aesthetically pleasing background provides relaxing scenery and music in every video. I always feel accomplished after finishing one of her workouts.


When I first started working out, Coach Kozak and his wife, Coach Claudia introduced me to strength training. They offer various workouts for beginners, and what I like about their videos is that if a certain exercise is too complicated, they offer an alternative. In addition, they offer other kinds of workouts such as weight training, low-impact, and high-intensity training.

Hello! My name is Christine Santiago; my pronouns are she, her, and hers. My major is Political Science/Pre-Law.