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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

While summer left as quickly as it arrived, the fall semester has plenty of students learning online. Most university campuses, including Florida International University, have taken safety precautions when opening the campus for students and faculty. Nonetheless, remote classes have been become the new norm and the most popular alternative to in-person learning.

With classes online, it can become difficult to stay motivated. The urge to sleep through your alarm, show up in pajamas, and keep your camera off may seem tempting, but a few tips can keep you motivated for the semester.

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For most of us, Zoom lectures have been the go-to for professors to teach their classes. Having a cluttered laptop may mean a cluttered mind; take a few minutes to put your downloads into folders (one folder for each class with the syllabus, pdfs, or a word document with notes may be useful). By placing everything into folders, you will clear your desktop from clutter that may be distracting when your professor is teaching.

Another helpful tip is a virtual planner. Personally, I like having a sticky note on my desktop with each class and the assignments I have due within two weeks. I highlight the assignments due the current week and leave the following assignments in normal text. By seeing what assignments I have due, I can stay on track and not miss any assignments. Syncing your Canvas calendar to your computer or phone is another great tip for not forgetting your virtual lecture!

With all of this done, you are now sure to stay on-track with your assignments, lectures, and class downloads. But what if you are still feeling out-of-it or down? The most important piece of motivation I can offer is to think of the bigger picture. College is only a few years of your life, and while it is super important to make the most out of it, it is also important to prioritize your schoolwork. Think about your dream career- if you want to achieve it, dream it! When I think about where I want to work or what I want to do after college, I instantly get motivated to stay on top of my work. If you want to go the extra step, try putting an inspirational quote on your desktop or on your desk!

A final tip is to pay attention during class. Sounds like a redundant tip, I know- but it is so easy to get distracted during a normal class, and even easier when you’re at home in your room. Taking the ten minutes to get ready, put on a nice t-shirt or hoodie, and turning your camera on not only shows your professor that you are interested, but that you are engaged. Plus, with the camera on, everyone will know if you are dozing off!

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Hopefully, this advice is beneficial to you. While virtual, remote-learning is not something anyone could have expected, it is important to make the most of the situation and stay inspired and motivated in your classes. Have a fantastic semester!

Emma is a sophomore at Florida International University studying Broadcast Media. She is from Miami and loves entertainment (music, tv shows, movies) and hopes to become an entertainment reporter after college. She is also involved on campus in her Panhellenic Council organization.
Stephanie Almendares is currently a student at Florida International University majoring in Mass communication-Journalism while also getting a Film Certificate. She enjoys watching plays, reading books--some which she's already read more then 10 times-- and learning about crystals and astrology.