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The Secret to Making Your Job Search a Little Easier

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

It’s easy to say “get a job”, especially when most businesses around you are hiring. What some people may not take into account is that the hiring process may be longer than expected. On top of that, many jobs require experience. But how will you gain experience if no one is willing to give you that experience. This is why it’s important to know where you are applying, who you are applying for, and what you are applying to.

1. Have an idea of what you are searching for

The first step to job searching is to recognize what you would like or dislike in the workplace. Some things to consider would be different environments, locations, and personal schedules. If you don’t want to work with food, don’t apply at a fast food place or restaurant. If you’re interested in gaining sales experience, apply for a retail sales position. It’s all about what works best for you.

2. use certified hiring platforms

One secret when it comes to job applications is applying on a reliable and credible platform. A few sites that are popular amongst employers are Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn. At FIU, students often use HandShake to create interpersonal relationships or networking skills between businesses and employers.

DO NOT enter any personal information on a job hiring site that you are unfamiliar with. Ensure the platform you are using is verified; if you’re unfamiliar with the website, explore sites you have heard of.


Familiarize yourself with the brand’s reputation, social media accounts, and website to learn more about the brand. Read over the job description as well as their background to prevent miscommunication. Always ask questions or concerns you may have when speaking to an employer. You may encounter false information where a company’s job description is not accurate to their daily tasks.


4. Compare your skills to their qualifications

Even if a hiring application requires simple skills, applying somewhere that allows your skills to shine is always a great idea. Try matching your abilities or experience to the qualifications listed on the application form. If you find the required skills don’t fully meet your strengths but are still interested in the position, do not let that discourage you. It’s worth a shot!

5. build a clear resume

Last but not least… ALWAYS include an easy-to-read, well-structured resume allowing employers to learn more about you. It’s okay if you have little to no job practice — always mention participation in clubs & organizations, extracurriculars, projects, or volunteer experience. Simply be sure to enhance those qualities to the best of your ability.

Create a resume that grabs the reader’s attention by including your educational background, experience, hobbies or interests, and skills. Do not attach irrelevant information such as your favorite tv show, or favorite store to shop at. Be straight to the point and provide detail regarding your experience(s). Don’t forget to add a reachable contact number or email address at the top of your resume so employers have a way of contacting you.

Two favorite resume building sites are Canva and Google Docs as they both offer pre-made templates, making it fun and easy to customize your perfect resume.

Samantha joined Her Campus in January 2022 and has continued as a writer. Based in Miami, Florida and is currently a Public Relations student at Florida International University. Favorite pastimes range from art and writing to music and traveling. Enjoys watching movies, going out, and watching sports games.