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Spring Is Here!

            Today is officially the first day of spring. To the rest of the country it is the end of cold harsh days, too many layers, too much coffee, not enough outdoor activities and not enough sun. When it comes to Florida it’s just another day closer to summer vacation, the weather is the least of our worries especially in beautiful Miami! As the season begins you can now wear all your bright clothes and put away those dark winter clothes and sweaters. The only problem with spring is that it’s going to rain for a while so bring out your umbrellas and rain coats! When it comes to the rain there are two kinds of people as with everything in life those who see things in a positive light and those who see it in a negative. For those who see the rain as a positive, they do so because the more it rains the less allergies you have since the rain washes the pollen out.  On the contrary, the more it rains the worse traffic is which means you will have to park farther away from class and walk in the rain.

            Along with the nice weather there is also work to be done during this season. For a lot of us this means cleaning up the garage or your dorm room closet which isn’t that big to begin with. This way you can get rid of all the winter clothes you ever wore or wanted to wear in the first place, no more gloves, hats or scarves it’s time to bring out the jean jackets, light sweaters and of course the spring dresses. This is the time of the year where the flowers bloom and you can run across a field in your dress and jean jacket and feel free because the semester is halfway over! Go outside and enjoy yourself at the park or wherever you like to be outside. Actually don’t do the first part, the end of the semester is so close and you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the cool festivals like Ultra because of your bad grades. So instead of slacking off be thankful that you just had a spring break and don’t try to extend it any more than it should be!

            Now that spring has arrived, go out and enjoy being outdoors especially if you live on campus. Joggers and walkers, it’s time to get off the treadmill and go outside and run around the track and even make some new friends while you’re at it or if you’re like me put in your headphones and enjoy the sight of this beautiful campus. The new track is also a good place to do sprints or just jog around and work on your short distance runs. For those who like to work out but don’t want it to feel like a workout the nature preserve is the perfect fit for you. The preserve is located between the football stadium and the US Century Bank Arena across from the Rec Center. It’s a small piece of Florida’s Everglades history which is home to exotic birds, butterflies, other insects, reptiles and amphibians. Now go out there and enjoy spring and everything it has to offer including the love bugs, happy spring!

A kid raised in Brooklyn, New York home of fashion, art and great culture. The greatest thing to happen to me was living in the city in a sense it was a love/hate relationship because of the area in which I grew up in. Then there was Manhattan filled with all the lights and glamour and things that were on the big screen. Once I moved to Florida it was in a small town called Bradenton which was a huge culture shock because it was the total opposite from what I was used to in every sense ranging from transportation to people. Then there was the care free atmosphere in which shirts and shoes are optional and thong sandals are an every day thing opposed to the city where that is a rare find. Living in Bradenton gave me a different outlook on things and humbled me in a sense. Then moving to Miami for school brought me back to my city roots except with a different view on things and my motivation now is to gain success and not material things as I once dreamed of attaining.
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