Spring Cleaning: For Your Soul

Too often do we find ourselves lost in the turmoil of our lives. We forget to take a few minutes out of our day to glare into the mirror motionless. We don’t even give ourselves 60 seconds of deep breathing to recollect our thoughts and re-enter our fast-paced lives. Below is a 4-step process that will refine your hectic lives without cutting too much into your oh so precious time.

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Within the next 30 days create a time frame for when to complete your cleanse. It can be anywhere from designating a single day out of the week for 4 weeks, or every single day out of the week for the truly determined ones. Try to remain disciplined and on track. Remember this is a program to help limit toxic habits, so let’s not break this one!

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Focus on positive energy and positive thoughts. Follow accounts like @thegoodquote, @positivevibesquotes or @positivelifetips on Instagram to help build positive affirmations.

Block out negative words when thinking positively too, like "not", "can’t"," couldn’t", etc...   Let’s say you were looking up pictures of Noah Centineo. If you were to enter “Not Noah Centineo” in the search bar, you’re still going to get a mix of pictures of him because the search engine focuses on the context clues. The same thing goes for mental cognition. Instead of, “it’s not too late to sign up,” try, “I have plenty of time to register.” Hear the difference?  

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CONFIDENCE (5 – 10 minutes)

Own up to your toxic emotions. Pick a day to either write out these emotions and describe them on paper or find a friend willing to listen. Soak in that emotional rollercoaster and sit with it. The physical release of rage or resentment will help you detox and overcome those past obstacles. Release yourself from the grip of negative emotions and live life confidently.   Image: Giphy


You have to put in the work.

Simply saying “be gone bad habits” at the snap of your fingers will not make them disintegrate into thin air. I know no one wants to hear this, but there is actual time, commitment and work involved. Designate the time, invite a friend and make it into a game. Once you have completed this soulful cleanse you will activate your good karma and feel a weight lifted. You have now sorted, boxed and organized your mind, leaving room for happiness to grow.