*SPOILER ALERT* Top Takeaways from "A Star is Born"

First of all, go see "A Star is Born" if you haven't! Then come back to this article and read these top takeaways from this beautiful film...

1. If you always speak your truth, life has a funny way of lining up

Throughout the film, you see Jack (Bradley Cooper) asking Ally (Lady Gaga) one thing: to always speak her truth, and say what she feels should be said with her fame. Everyone is born to be who they are, and share his or her light on the world, leaving it a little better than when they got here. Jack helped Ally to do this when he saw what she was born to share with the world. This goes to show the people you love should always support you and what you were born to do and be. However, (without completely spoiling what ends up happening in the film) sometimes these people can get lost along the way and even end up leaving us with a lot of pain to bear. Nevertheless, if you love someone, you should always stick by them pushing them forward too, and be there for as long as you can. Life isn't perfect, but it's important to never lose site of what really matters from the things that can wait no matter how big they may seem in the moment. This is part of realizing what's truly important to you, and sharing it to inspire the rest of the world to go after the same basic human values in their own life.

2. Wanting more out of life is normal, and actually shows you have high goals and standards

In one of the film’s songs called “Shallow,” it talks about the struggles of wanting more from life. If you want to see positive change in your life, you have to get uncomfortable and take risks to chase after your dreams. It’s the only way to make real moves forward, whether it be in your career, in your relationships, or in your own personal growth.

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3. Stay real and true to yourself

The only way to be the star in your own life, is by truly being yourself, 100% of the time. Stop trying to fit a mold of what you think Life is asking out of you, and do what feels right to you. Do more of what makes you happy, and never be ashamed of that. Excuses are the best way to let your fear of failing beat you down. So stop making them, and remind yourself of all the reasons to push forward instead.

4. It’s okay to be vulnerable, nobody is perfect

Most people don’t feel it’s normal to share their deepest feelings with others. It’s crazy because many of us act like we’re okay most of the time, when we’re not always doing great. Doing this sets unrealistic expectations on everyone around us. Instead, why not be confident enough in who you are to get vulnerable with other humans and share personal stories that help us grow together? Just some food for thought this movie does a good job showing. The less we share, the more distant we become from one another, and the higher chances more people won’t find true peace and happiness.

5. No one can make you happy but you

It’s a blessing to have people in your life that bring you happiness, but never forget who you are and what you stand for in the process. The best people in the world are the ones you’re with that bring out the best of you. Those are the ones that help us find ourselves in this crazy journey we call Life. And ironically, although they can help you to love yourself, no one will truly love you if you don’t love yourself. Never confuse feeling good with others and feeling good with who you are alone. You need a balance of both to advance further.

6. Love will always exist, and is the reason to keep living

Remember all the people and places that make you feel most loved. That’s what makes Life worth living, and love will always exist in your life if you let it grow. Always take time nurturing it, it’s the only way to consistently feel it. Throughout the film, Jack and Ally bring out the best in each other, and I believe that’s what true family and friends are supposed to do for each other. It helps us understand who we are as individuals, and who we want to spend time setting an example for in all the other roles we play in our lives.