Single On "V-Day"? READ THIS

Valentine’s Day! Tis the day to indulge in Lindt Chocolate, smell the roses and hang out with your beau!

Except - What if you don’t have a significant other this Valentine’s Day? What if the closest thing to a reserved dinner table is your couch?

Don't fret! - I'm here to tell you why being single can actually be healthy for you and what you can do to enjoy being your own Valentine!

There’s nothing wrong with snuggling up to your bae, let alone being in a relationship. It can be very fulfilling! However, us single women still have things to feel positive about. If you haven’t found the right person, yet, it may be comforting to know these following facts provided by Happify.They have found that single people tend to:

1.Have more friends

 2. Be more fit

3. Reach out more to family, friends and community

4. Have Increased Job Satisfaction

View the full infographic here:


Still not convinced that it's okay to be single?

Well, then it's time for some retail therapy! 

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​*And for those who really want to make this day all about YOU:

  • Make an appointment at a Spa
  • Get a Mani, Pedi


Whatever your plans this Valentine's Day, remember to have fun and enjoy a relaxing evening!