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Reasons Why the Beach is the Best Place to Relieve Stress

Being a college student, it is easy to get caught up with the stressors of life, whether it be with meeting deadlines, making time for hobbies, or working part-time. When your schedule gets hectic, it is important to set aside time to recharge, relax, and unwind. The beach is one of the best places to find relaxation to beat the stressors of life, and here is why:

The Atmosphere 

The sound of the waves crashing on the shore, birds chirping, salt in the air, and sand against your toes creates an atmosphere of total peace. Many musical artists use the sound of waves in the background of their tracks to create a peaceful tone. For example, the song Easy Love by Lauv, uses waves to enhance the calmness of the song. If the artists use the sound of the ocean in their songs to create a peaceful tone, we should not shy away from hitting the beach whenever stress tries to creep in our lives.

The Science Behind the Beach Relieving Stress

Our bodies are made of approximately 70% of water. When we are at the beach something happens that creates an interconnectedness with nature – something not found by sitting at home consumed with technology. This feeling helps the brain relax and unwind from all the things in life that make us feel burned-out—experiencing true peace of mind that the ocean brings.

Consistently Going to the Beach Helps Relieve Stress

Whether it’s visiting the beach, going for a nature walk, or taking out time every week to rest from doing any kind of work, it is important to get your mind to rest and recharge. The best things in life are free, which is true because the beach provides calming sounds, a place to soak up the vitamin D, and opportunity to heal little cuts and scrapes by taking a dip into the salt water. 


Don’t neglect the things that are important to your mental health. By taking time to rest your mind, you allow new ideas to flourish, and take in peace that goes with you everywhere.

JoAnne is a Journalism major at Florida International University. When she's not writing, you can find her collecting tea, exploring the great outdoors, and capturing beautiful portraits. She enjoys writing on lifestyle, health and travel. Find her on Instagram at @joannechrls
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