Protecting Yourself on Campus 101

College can be a scary and exciting new time for many women out there. Other factors can also contribute to the success or distress for young college women. According to the U.S Justice Department, around 20 percent of college women will have become a victim or an attempted victim of sexual assault. This is a big reason as to why it’s crucial to know how you can stay safe on campus. 


Be cautious when getting into your car

Try to make habit of checking your backseat and under the car as well since a predator can easily be hiding in one of these locations. Also, when you walk back to your car, you need to approach it at an angle that lets you see around the vehicle. You should always remember to lock the car doors and make sure your car alarm is working when you have to leave your car unattended. 


The more private, the better 

Try to avoid geo-tagging your pictures as it gives off your location. Don’t announce publicly on social media when you’re home alone. Go over your social media profiles carefully and disable location services. Also, make sure your accounts are on private and you’re really careful about who you let follow you and what you post. 


Self-Defense is important

It’s crucial in the society we live in today to have the knowledge on how to defend yourself physically. If you find yourself reading this and realizing that you don’t know how to do that, you can always take self-defense classes like Jiujitsu. You can find these classes readily available at your college campus or a local gym. 


Invest in an item you can defend yourself with

It is highly recommended to purchase an item you can use to defend yourself in case of an emergency. There are several items out on the market, in store and online, such as pepper spray, self-defense claws, a loud whistle and alarm. These gadgets can potentially save a life in danger.