Pros and Cons to Being a Business Major

Pro: Skills that are transferrable to any industry

I would say the greatest thing about being a business major is the fact that the skills you develop are transferrable to any industry you end up working in. It is guaranteed, you will be learning things you can apply to any job you end up in. Whether it's building presentation and networking skills or knowing the right marketing and financial strategies to grow your business, you will gain beneficial knowledge to make you an asset no matter where you end up.

Con: Can result in general skills if you don’t gain specific experience relevant to what you want to pursue

However, if you don't shoot for a specific industry, whether it's banking, real estate, or even a more creative one such as the fashion industry, you can get lost among all the other applicants that share in your same skill-sets. To avoid this, make sure to participate in organizations and activities that distinguish you as an applicant. More importantly, do things you're passionate about so they're easy to speak to later on in interviews.

Pro: It’s the major most employers look for

Most jobs look for people with some kind of business background, whether it's academic or professional experience. Having some kind of business experience will give you basic skills that you cannot gain without working or exposing yourself to a business class.

Con: Other distinct majors are becoming more competitive, now with diversity becoming a higher priority in business

Nevertheless, with the increase of cultural variation in every industry, several rising companies are looking for more unique backgrounds. Diversity within a company helps it to grow and advance faster because of all the different perspectives that are contributed from its employees. For that reason, if you're curious about another major, minor, or even certificate, major in the one you're most passionate about, and consider minoring or getting certified in the other area you want to combine your major interest with.

Pro: Gives a basic foundation and understanding to how most businesses are run...

Studying business cases is one of the greatest ways to learn how to properly run your own business one day. It also allows you to apply that knowledge in the company you may end up working at so you can help it grow. Learning from other companies' mistakes, and seeing the importance of company culture and values go a long way in your future success as an individual and contributor to society. 

Con: ...Can still leave you lost with how to manage your own personal finances

Ironically, focusing on how large companies run their numbers and take strategies to remain competitive, can still leave you lost with how to run your own personal finances. No matter what major you end up pursuing in college, it's crucial to gain knowledge on how to budget, save, and invest in your own future wealth. No one will spoon-feed this information to you, but surrounding yourself with those who have done a good job of this, and reading books about personal financing can definitely help with making the right decisions for yourself financially. The sooner the better, things like building credit at an early age can really help in the long-run when you want to buy a house or a car. Therefore, start now, before you feel it's too late because you can't afford it when you want it later.