Post-Thanksgiving Slump

Thanksgiving means a break from school, time with family, and lots and lots of food! The problem comes right after Thanksgiving when our brains are done with school but the calendar says there are still 2 weeks left. Finding the strength to finish off the semester and finals week on a high note is easier said than done.        

I wish I had the answer to bringing back to motivation to ace all your finals but with most of us having our eyes on Christmas break there is really no clear cut answer. 

Still here are just a few tips: 

  • Make sure you’re practicing self-care now more than ever, you're going to be pushing yourself through stressful exams for the next couple of weeks the last thing you want is to end up burning yourself out.
  • Make sure your making lists and managing your time wisely, leaving it all for the last second will only lead to more stress.

And last but not least 

  • Remember that there are just two more weeks, you’ve made it through 14 stressful weeks of papers, and lectures, and midterms, now it's just two more weeks, then you get your well-deserved break, good luck on your exams you’ve got this!