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Places to Start Planning Your Summer Vacations

As the Spring Semester is coming to a close  we are all working our last brain cells by trying to end the semester on a good note. It seems like extra curriculars and all our class work has found a way to consume our lives! But imagine this: 1 month from now you’re done with finals and on the beach listening to soothing waves crash on the sand or you just reached the peak of the Machu Picchu and you look out at the beautiful scenery. This could be you if you start planning now!! Regardless of if you are looking for a tropical vacation or a more desert experience here are some destination ideas for your summer vacation!


Beach Vibes

If you are looking for an escape from reality and want to be an ethereal paradise, traveling to any island will give you these vibes, but one of the prettiest beach destinations spots would be Bora Bora.


What to do in Bora Bora?

For your first stop in the beautiful islands in the French Polynesia would be Matira Beach, with crystal clear waters and endless resorts and eateries your appetite for the ocean and food would always be satisfied

Outdoors and Active

If you are looking for a more active and nature filled vacation, my first recommendation would be traveling to Zions National Park located in Southern Utah.


What to do in Zions National Park?

Zions National Park allows you to tackle hiking in a way you never thought possible. The Narrows is one of the Parks most famous hiking trails with red rock canyons surrounding you and the Virgin river flowing below you, your eyes will be enchanted by the natural beauty.



Relax/Meditation and Historical Traveling

If you are trying to find your inner peace this summer and get in touch with historical roots I suggest going to Imperia, Italy!


What to do in Imperia, Italy?

There are too many options to limit to just one destination spot. I would highly recommend going to the Museo Navale del Ponente Ligure which highlights the rich history of Ligurian and maritime traditions. As well as heading the to the Galeazza Beach! Trust me, it is not your typical beach and you will be a different person after going there.



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