One of FIU's Best Programs to Join.

There is a positive and a negative in attending one of the largest public universities in the U.S. 

One is that the possibilities are endless; FIU has various Greek life, student-run organizations, and programs to choose from, but the negative is some of the many excellent organizations and programs FIU has to offer are left out. 

An example would be a program, which is provided in both FIU Campuses, called Academy of Leaders, or AOL for short. This program not only helps bring out the leader within, but it's also like a shiny gold star sticker on your resume. 

The goal of AOl isn't to shape every participant in being the same leader. Depending on what a test result and on what you think you are, AOL helps in bringing out the unique leadership qualities one has within.

Throughout the program, participants will learn how to be an efficient and successful leader within their own comfort zone. 

Despite its name, the program isn’t a one-person discussion. It’s a very hands-on program, where there will be a lot of back and forward conversations between the participants and the person or group of people leading the team. 

But before starting AOL adventure, participants take a test to help determine what type of leaders they are by using the Myers-Briggs personality test, which is taken during orientation.  

Afterwards, in a three-day weekend, the participants are taken to an outside course where they will learn how being a team player is one step in being a leader. 

AOL-BBC, for example, takes the participants to the Ropes Course that is next to the Roz and Cal Kovens Conference Center. In the ropes course, participants are outside doing various different activities as they make connections and work with the rest of the AOL’ers. 

Then they take a bus ride up to a cabin in Fort Myers, FL. Where the real retreat begins. 

By the end of the retreat participants will know the 5 practices that an exemplary leader has, which are: 1. Model the Way, 2. Inspire a shared vision, 3.Challenge the process, 4.Enable others to act, and 5.Encourage the heart. 

Not only will AOL help build the inner leader in participants, but this program will also help them build bonds with those in the program, make new friends, memories, and pushes them to step out of their safe zone. 


It should be noted that since both campuses provide the program, although both follow the same outline, they are held at different dates, with different people, and at a different time. What BBC-AOL does might not be the exact same as MMC-AOL.

Contact the Center for Leadership and Service office via walk in or through call or email.

CLS MMC campus is located in GC 242 and the BBC campus is in WUC353. 

Email: [email protected]

MMC Phone Number: 305-348-6995

BBC Phone Number: 305-919-5360