My First Soundbowl Meditation Class.

Let's practice self-care!

As the years pass by me the more responsibilities seem to fall onto my lap. I feel as if a lot of individuals (I’m very much guilty myself) get caught up in the rush of life that we tend to as a whole, feel burnout. The second I can feel myself tapping away from reality I know I have to get my stuff together. For that sole reason I’m a strong advocate for self-care and taking breaks. Life is all about balance people! The second you spend too much time focused on the wrong things or on one specific thing your mental health is going to take a hit. It’s important to take time for yourself and restart. Being able to restart is not only about taking a break, but being able to come back to your responsibilities head on with a fresh perspective.

One thing in particular that I’ve incorporated into my daily routine is meditation. I try my best to meditate twice a day but some days I am only able to squeeze it in before I go to bed. With my new found love for meditating I decided to try something new, Sound Bowl Meditation. As soon as I found out what this was about I grabbed my best-friend and ran. This is basically meditation with a twist. The bowls used in this practice are called Tibetan Singing Bowls. These bowls have been used for centuries mainly for meditation and healing purposes. When used, the bowls create a range of sounds to restore normal vibratory frequencies. For a lack of better words, all the bad energy is exiting out of your body to be able to align yourself and let that positive energy flow throughout your body without any blockages.

This felt like meditation but on steroids, like seriously. Throughout the whole session I could feel the weight on my body being lifted, suddenly being able to breathe a bit more easily, and letting my body and mind bask in the present moment. There were moments where my body felt as light as a feather, something truly relieving. The tension that I once felt in my shoulders and back melted like a popsicle on a hot summer day. As my eyes were closed I even saw beams of white light, which I later found out by the instructor that it correlated to my being reaching a higher vibration, becoming more intuitive and one within myself.

At the end of the session, we all sat and chatted amongst ourselves and with the instructor about our own personal experiences during the meditation. The room filled with an ambience of comfort, knowing that you’re not the only individual to feel overwhelmed at times with life’s daily stresses, is reassuring. This was such a positive experience and one that I will be revisiting for sure. If you’re finding yourself to be burnt out often take that as a sign to practice some self-care! Whether it’s finding a new love for meditating or picking up your favorite book, it’s crucial and more than okay to clock out of the real world sometimes. You deserve it.

(Soundbowl meditation at the Bodhi Wellness center in Coral Gables. Credit: Sarah Rodriguez)