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Martin Mederos: Founder of Optimum Media Concepts

While most college students are waiting until graduation to pursue their dream careers, Martin Mederos has opened up his own company. The FIU junior is the founder and president of Optimum Media Concepts, an online advertising company based out of Miami, FL. 


When asked why he was inspired to start his own business, Mederos discussed how he was his inspired by his Father.


“My dad came to the United States with absolutely nothing and has managed to build a successful company that has multiple branches in various countries. His success has inspired me to build my own legacy in the field of advertising. I can only hope that one day I can inspire the future generation of entrepreneurs like my dad did with me,” he said. 


After working on advertisement projects for Anova Marine Insurance and CSM Logistics, Mederos decided to take guidance from his father and create his own online advertising company. By utilizing the talents of a team of graphic designers, public relations practitioners and advertisers, he hopes to expand his business throughout the advertising community.  


“Our team is comprised of unique and intelligent individuals who dedicate themselves to our clients every need. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients so that we can build creative and strategic solutions to their challenges,” said Mederos. 


He is  excited for the future of his company and is looking forward to working with auto retailers, restaurant chains, small local businesses, and large national corporations. To learn more about Martin’s company, you can visit his website at https://www.omediaconcepts.com 


You can also follow them on Instagram @optimummediaconcepts 





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