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Manifest the Life You Desire

Manifestation can be defined as the act of creating your future based on your thoughts and energy surrounded towards the goals you want to obtain. A common misconception related to manifestation is the belief that you can attempt to manifest a goal without working hard to achieve it. The most effective way to manifest a goal you would like to obtain is to continuously work towards that goal while truly believing in your heart and mind that not only will you achieve it, but that you already have.

For example, let us pretend a goal for you is a specific dream job- by using manifestation it does not mean you will not polish your resume, network, and attend career fairs. This means that you will take all the necessary steps to obtain the dream job but already imagine yourself in that job’s city, office, and position.

When using manifestation, you are practically trying to fool your mind into believing you are already where you would like to be. Practicing manifestation means reinforcing your goals that are already set in your mind. You need to do a thorough inspection of the thoughts and feelings you might be having and try to reset them to have successful manifestation.

When you have negative feelings and thoughts towards anything, subconsciously you are striking yourself out of opportunities because you might be coming off as less confident or possibly taking very little risk compared to if you had a heaping amount of security and confidence. When you practice positivity it is easier for positive energy to surround you and it is usually easier to attract the energy you are giving off. Meaning, if you have an optimistic mindset and overall persona, others will feed into that and similar people will want to be around you whether in a personal space or professional if that is what you want to acquire.

One way I implement the use of manifestation in my life thanks to Issa Rae from the show Insecure is to talk to myself in the mirror and offer affirmations. I think to myself “What advice would I give my friend at this very moment?”, oftentimes we tend to be nicer to the people that surround us but harshest within our own selves. When I take the mindset of being kind to myself, I start reciting positive affirmations with sentences like “I work hard and will achieve the things I work hard for” or “I put good energy in to the world, knowing I will receive good things in return”.

Another way that can help solidify your plan and make it more constructive is by using the 5×55 Manifesting Method which states to first choose your personal affirmation that includes your goal and having received it already such as “I am grateful to have obtained a job at American Express” then, you write out your personal affirmation 55 times in a day for 5 days straight, after that you completely let it go and let the universe work for you.

The human mind is incredibly powerful and anything you feed it, it will process and remain in the state of. It is said that even you are not feeling your best but you try and feel positive and keep that mindset and even try to smile, your mind is tricked into believing you are genuinely content. The same logic is related to manifestation in the ways we trick our minds into already succeeding in any aspect. Science has actually proved that the thoughts and beliefs we hold are actually capable of re-structuring our brain.  

With this in mind, just the thoughts you are having can actually help you achieve the life you desire and may be getting in your way if not suited towards the things you want. Evaluate your thoughts and energy and if they are not working for you, shift them into getting the life you desire.

Diana is moved by writing and the ability to piece thoughts together freely on paper. She is an avid lover of travel and exploring new places and their culture. Her favorite show is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and enjoys spending time with loved ones especially when they all come together in the holidays. Her favorite holiday is Christmas and waits all year long for fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, and decorating the house in ornaments.