How to Survive Finals Week

How to Survive Finals Week

1. Find your ambiance

When studying, it is so important to find the environment you thrive in when it comes to studying. Everyone is different, therefore many students prefer different locations for studying. Some people like to be in a coffee shop with subtle music playing in the background, others prefer locking themselves in a quiet room, some like to participate in study groups--whatever it may be that you prefer, it’s important to figure out what environment allows you to get the most out of your study time.

2. Map your schedule

As finals week is creeping upon us, time management should be a top priority. Who wants to be cramming the day before the exam literally regretting all poor life decisions? Um, definitely not me. To avoid that, the best way to keep your time management in check is by creating a schedule. It’s essential to figure out when you’re going to be studying which material and around what times as well. Make sure to write down how you’re going to schedule your week in regards to studying. And of course, make sure to add some time to relax--don’t over stress yourself!

3. Take breaks

If there’s any advice when it comes to studying for finals, it’s to not drown yourself in nonstop hours of studying. Keep yourself energized by taking breaks every so often-- but this doesn’t mean taking a break after doing the bare minimum--sorry, but you got finals you’ve got to ace. But, do take time to rest for a bit and have some time for yourself--but then go back to hittin’ the books.

4. Remind yourself of your goals

Though final exams aren’t anyone’s cup of tea per say, it’s something that has to be done. If you choose to look at it the most positive and hopeful way possible, remember that these final exams are leading you one step closer to your goals and gettin’ that degree. Keep in mind that after this final, not only will you be moving forward onto your major, BUT you’ll have a whole month to not stress about school and enjoy all the perks and happiness of the holiday season.

5. Be positive!!!

The most important tip of all: be positive! After hours and hours of studying, effort and dedication, the last step is to take your final with the most positive mindset. Don’t go into your exam with that mindset, “I’m going to fail,” but rather be confident in yourself and your ability to succeed in your classes. Then again, nothing good ever comes out of having a negative attitude. 

Good luck to everyone on their finals!