How to Make the Most Out of This Holiday Season

December is the time to experience holiday traditions, try new activities and recipes, and spend time with loved ones. This month is one most people love the most, but it flies by very quickly. To get the most out of this season, partake in some festive activities like decorating and baking delicious treats.

In the first two weeks of December, fun Christmas tree lighting events are happening around town. These usually include games for the kids, music, hot chocolate, food, and more. A tree lighting event can help you start off this month in the Christmas Spirit. Going ice skating, watching Christmas movies at the theater, or seeing a Christmas play is excellent too! Filling your house with decorations can also help you bring the holidays to your home even quicker. Decorate your tree, light up your stairs, pull out your nutcrackers, and remember to have fun!     

One of the most enjoyable things to do in December is to listen to Christmas music. Find songs on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, Alexa or Google Home, or any other music application or device and listen to jingles that can brighten up your days.

Also, set aside time for baking cookies and making delicious hot cocoa. Start a new family tradition, plan get-togethers with friends, get family recipes, or search for one online. What makes this month even more fun is to enjoy treats and drinks that only come around once a year.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Shopping for presents is not what is most important in this holiday, but it certainly is one thing on the to-do list that needs to be done with time. Buying items for people is time-consuming, and some thought should be given to what will be gifted. If the presents are specific to what people like and if it is a gift you put thought into, they will be unique for your loved ones.

First, make a list of all the people to whom you want to give a gift. Then plan separate trips to the mall or dedicate some hours of online shopping. By planning ahead, you can check this off your list and avoid end-of-the-month shopping craziness.

If you plan to travel, do not leave this for the last minute. By planning ahead, you will be able to focus on shopping for the right clothes for the season and enjoy Christmas-related activities at your home before you leave. Choose carefully where you wish to vacation. Evaluate your budget by looking for affordable deals and review your calendar and check hotels or cabins for availability too. Once the trip is planned, you are ready to be stress-free. Remember to revel in the holiday itself for the rest of the month.

Throughout the month or on Christmas morning, wear some comfy holiday pajamas. Fuzzy socks and warm sweaters go along great with a morning of Christmas movies, hot chocolate, cookies, and unwrapping gifts.

Lastly, the one thing you cannot forget to do is take beautiful pictures of your pet if you have one! Take them to PetCo, for example, or a mall so they can take a photo with Santa or have a photoshoot next to your Christmas tree. Whatever you choose to do, remember to get a small Santa hat for your dog and have fun!

Happy Holidays! 

Photo Credit: (Left) PetCo; (Right) Andrea Leyva