How Grown-ish Says What We Don’t Want To

Those that watch the show know it’s nothing new for Grown-ish to dive into uncomfortable topics. Despite only being in their second season, the show already seems to have an episode for every college student dilemma; From liking two guys on, “Back & Forth” (Season One), to speaking about rape, on “Messy” (Season Two). The show mastered the art of finding an everyday college student topic and creating an episode that speaks about the issue without being triggering.

One of their latest episodes, “Workin’ Me”, finally broke the ice on our biggest trend at the moment. Taking the whole "how far would you go for fame?" and shining light into the dark side of social media.

Cast members Halle Bailey and Chloe Bailey play twin sisters Sky and Jazz Foster who are struggling to find sponsors. The two track stars begin to change their social media presence trying to reach the level of fame their classmate and girl's basketball All-Star seems to have based on her appearance.


Sky's whole journey shows how we all seem to lose ourselves trying to climb up the social ladder. From posting risky pictures to damaging relationships, the episode says what we don't want to. The theme of "doing whatever it takes" guides the viewers through a journey of self-discovery. Which eventually ends on finding your true self and realizing you don't need to change to reach your goals.