How to Get Involved: Panther Style

College can seem pretty overwhelming at first glance, especially when it comes to all the activities and academics it has to offer. When I first stepped into Panther Territory I instantly fell in love with the school and the vast amount of extracurriculars the college.

As a freshman it is hard to initially place yourself in a particular organization where you can feel most comfortable. Many students look at different aspects when looking for a club/organization to join such as academic, social, and influential. Joining an academic club is beneficial to the student, as it can lead to a series of paths such as friendships and networking for their career.  There are many ways you can go for academics; If you are a student interested in law, try out our pre-law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta. Its purpose is to allow its brothers to begin placing themselves into the world of law, from mock trials to speaker events. If you are a student interested in medicine, you can also join Phi Delta Epsilon. Just like the former, it also helps students be able to start a career a medicine right from their undergraduate. How cool is FIU?! Other amazing organizations to join are those involved with Campus Life, such as Student Government Association, Student Programming Council, and Homecoming. These programs enable students to become the event planners for many of the campus activities that are hosted throughout the year. These are a great way for Public Relations, Communications, or any major to get involved and expand their skills. FIU’s foundation is built on its diversity, and our organizations are definitely putting the "International " in Florida International University. The campus offers many diverse clubs such as Black Student Union, Caribbean Student Union, Mexican Student Association, and many more. One noteworthy form of getting involved is Greek Life. Our school offers a wide varied selection of sororities and fraternities from the Panhellenic Council, National Panhellenic Council, Multicultural Greek Council and the Interfraternity Council. The best way to find out more about these organizations and the vast number of others I didn’t mention can be found through three great ways. One is Panther Connect, which is an online site FIU uses to link students to different campus organizations. Simply type in a keyword or an interest and numerous clubs will pop out.  In addition, following the official FIU Instagram (@fiuinstagram) is a great way to search for the different organizations that hold social media accounts. The last thing I recommend, is to attend the many club fairs the university offers; especially the first weeks of fall and spring. Being involved on campus becomes a great highlight of any students’ college experience. It is very important for any college student to embark themselves on any journey they pave themselves to follow.