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Hot Girl Summer Should Be Changed To Healthy Girl Summer

The “Hot Girl Summer” phenomenon has sparked a worldwide motivation for women to exercise and work on themselves in preparation for summer (aka bikini season). But is this added pressure affecting our mental health in the process? The notion that women have to be in the best shape of their life in order to have a good summer is affecting the way we see and treat ourselves. The term should be changed to “Healthy Girl Summer” because taking care of our mental and physical health doesn’t mean we need to look like supermodels with washboard abs. All body types are “hot” as long as we are healthy both physically and mentally. 

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Sometimes giving into our guilty pleasures is the healthiest thing to do instead of starving ourselves and exercising nonstop to attain this “perfect” level of beauty. Resting and taking time for ourselves is the best way to have a healthy girl summer. This added pressure we feel to have the “perfect” body by summer is unhealthy and unrealistic. 

Healthy Girl Summer consists of prioritizing your mental health, eating whatever you want, doing whatever makes you feel happy and free, and living your life to the fullest while breaking down these unrealistic and unattainable beauty standards. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and authentic to yourself. Unfollow all the models on Instagram that make you feel pressured to change your appearance and focus on your mental health this summer!


Gabriela Gutierrez-Gallo is a senior at Florida International University, majoring in journalism with a minor in social media and e-marketing. Her true love is New York City and her interests include home decor, film and television history, traveling, and skincare.
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