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I’m sure that you’ve tried everything from face masks to exfoliants and even cleansing diets to try maintaining clean and healthy skin. I’ve been there and honestly, I cannot even considering my skin to be half “clear”. I do suffer from time to time the dreaded breakout phases, so coming across interesting tips like these, definitely call to my attention. Apparently Japanese and Korean beauty experts believe using carbonated water may just be our answer to acne-free skin. Hence, their incorporation of into many of their beauty products for years now.

NYC Dermatologist Dendy Engelmen explains that the reason this phenomenon works is because the carbonation in the water itself helps go deeper through your skin than regular tap water would. So, by doing this it basically breaks up all the dirt and oil that sits trapped in your pores throughout the day. Not only that, but there is a certain type of vasolidating effect in carbonated water when left at room temperature that when used on the skin triggers your blood vessels to open up causing more circulation by bringing extra blood supply to your skin tissue-more circulation-more oxygen-healthier looking skin. Simple math. 

Miami based Dermatologist Roberta Del Campo agrees and adds that sparkling water shares the same level of pH as our skin which sits at 5.5 meanwhile regular tap water holds a pH of 7. Having a higher pH level that our skin needs can actually lead to disrupting the outer layer of the dermis causing dryness and irritation. That is what gives us those tiny cracks on our skin which in turn brings bacteria helping breakouts to occur. 

Start off slow by mixing regular water and carbonated water to a 1:1 ratio to help your skin ease transition fully into carbonated washes. This is important if you have sensitive skin. Now, I feel you on not being able to afford to buy sparkling water all the time just to wash our faces everyday but there is always a solution to everything. Both dermatologists have recommended that Soda makers are the way to go and they’re eco-friendly too! You would essentially be helping the environment and your skin. It’s a win-win.


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