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Hi there lovelies! It’s a new week! A new day, which means a fresh start, filled with potential. We all want to look good and feel good. Confidence is key but so is good health. Need help going on a health kick? Here are some of my favorite recipes, workouts, and more!


1. Yoga and Spinning: these workouts make magic happen! There are a ton of benefits not only for your physical heath but mental health. Yoga builds muscle strength, makes you happier, relaxes your system, improves your flexibility, and gives you peace of mind. Spinning burns a ton of calories, improves cardiovascular health, helps you build toned, shapely, legs and is a great abs workout. And the list goes on. Don’t forget to lift!

2. Natural juices: what you consume plays a bigger role than your workout ever will!!! Juicing is a great and easy way to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some yummy recipes…

·      Detox- lemon, apple, cucumber, cayenne

·      Energy- carrots, beets, celery, ginger

·      Fat burner- grapefruit, pineapple, apple

·      Veggie- spinach, kale, celery, carrots

3. Sleep: sleep plays a VITAL role in your workout and results! I know its pretty hard being a college student but try to get 8 hours of sleep every night. You’ll definitely see the difference in your energy level and performance.

4. Drink a lot of WATER! Many people overlook the importance of drinking water; don’t be one of them. Drink eight 8-ounce glasses a day! Tea is also a healthy and delicious drink packed with great nutrients. Consider having some tea instead of coffee tomorrow morning.

5. Plan AHEAD: plan your day accordingly and prioritize! Knowing what you’re going to eat and what workout you are going to do WILL help in adjusting to a healthy lifestyle. Plan today and succeed tomorrow.


Anything is possible with dedication and patience! It may be hard in the beginning but DON’T GIVE UP. Enrich your life with wellness rituals, create a healthier home, eat mindfully, laugh daily and smile often.


P.S. check out the FIU PantherFIT classes in the wellness and recreation center! HCXO! :)

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