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He wanna give me that vitamin D!

     No, no not that kind of Vitamin D… today I will be sharing with you my Vitamin D deficiency story. I always thought people who took vitamins were being “extra” and just wanted to look healthy. I had these naive assumptions until last year.  I was hit with excruciating pains in my hips, which were so bad every time I would walk I would have to stop and sit on the nearest bench to relieve me from my pain. I even had difficulty sleeping. I would toss and turn in my bed for hours due to the pain until I fell asleep. After constant complaining to my friends and family, I finally had the guts to go to the doctor. I got my blood tested and the results revealed I was below the average blood levels for Vitamin D. My doctor told me the symptoms of having low Vitamin D, which includes bone loss, muscle pain, anxiety, depression and much more. The majority of the symptoms she noted were issues I dealt with throughout my life. I still cherish the first time I took a dose of my prescribed Vitamin D and all of my hip pain within 30 minutes magically disappeared. Since then I’ve been loyal to taking my vitamins and I’m an advocate for Vitamin D. The moral of this story is that one should get their blood tested regularly and take multivitamins. You’re welcome.

Hello there! I'm Dria and I'm a senior majoring in Digital Communications and Media. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, taking photos, doing anything nerdy and visiting museums. Follow me on Instagram @_mitochon_dria_ and Twitter @DriaThomas.
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