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Four Tips for a Great Start to Your 2020!

Welcoming new methods of organization and planning into your life is the way to go when getting back into your routines. This new year can be smooth if you follow these four tips that promote some organizational skills and time for fun and relaxation too.

Plan Your Mornings

To begin, take a look at your schedule. If you are a university student, it can be helpful to view when and where your classes will take place and plan ahead where you will park on campus. Also, set your alarms early enough in the morning. If you set them to repeat on their own every week, you will not have to worry about this daily. Your alarms should be set at an hour that will give you time to get dressed and have a healthy breakfast. Remember to take into account the amount of traffic expected on your chosen route if you need to drive to university or work! 

Get Familiar with Your Calendar

Some people go straight for a physical planner, while others enjoy a more modern, digital option on their phones. Whatever you prefer, a calendar can help you know your plans for the week and allow you to give your peers or friends a definitive answer when making plans. It can also relieve you of stress you did not know you could get rid of by using a calendar. University students or people with jobs can benefit from this immensely. 

It may seem tedious at first to insert every plan on your planner, but you may surprise yourself with how quickly this can become a habit. When using an online calendar, university classes, or work hours can be entered once and set to repeat every week. After that, any overtime hours or study sessions can be inserted by typing it up or asking smartphone helpers like Siri to do it for you. To get back into your day-to-day routines in 2020, using your calendar is one of the best ways to do this. It encourages organization, and it betters your chances of having productive and stress-free weeks. The most important fact to mention is that this is essential if you are looking to be the best professional you can be. 

Follow Through with Tasks

Once you have your schedule laid out, it is time to decide when you will complete pending tasks. Choose a time in your week in which you can run your errands or sit down to complete assignments. A dedicated work time is ideal if you hope to check off multiple tasks on your to-do list. This time you set aside can be a few hours before or after your classes or work. You can split the time throughout several days too. Set a reasonable goal for those dedicated work days or hours and reward yourself after each accomplishment. If you are an overachiever and can complete responsibilities with time to spare, remember to include something fun or relaxing in your day! 

Give Yourself Some Down Time

Once you have taken care of your obligations first, you can make plans with friends and family, get some “you” time, and anything else you choose. It can be an easy, yet human mistake to get wrapped up in getting tasks done as quickly as possible, worrying about the future, or overwhelming yourself with daily responsibilities. Doing all of that without taking a break or giving yourself a little reward can make your week an incredibly stressful one. A reward can be as small as taking a relaxing bubble bath, watching a movie at home, baking cookies, playing with your pet, or hanging out with friends. Anything that you enjoy and do not get to do often because of your busy schedule is a great option. Stress is always around the corner, but letting yourself take joy in certain things is a great way to be healthy, happy, and balanced. 

These tips are simple and easy to integrate into your life. As you step back into your employee or student role, encourage yourself to start this year off strong. Jot down these tips and set reminders to help you follow them until you get used to doing them on your own. Good luck on following through!

Andrea Leyva is a student at Florida International University, majoring in Communications. Her interests include learning about the behind the scenes of movies and tv shows, reading, and listening to music. She also enjoys hanging out with friends, watching plays, going to theme parks, and traveling. Andrea is very excited to share what she is passionate about through her articles!
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