FIU Spring 2020 Disaster

Florida International University senior students had a better chance of getting some Ticketmaster presale tickets than getting enrolled into their classes Tuesday morning.

At 7:50 am Tuesday Nov 12, FIU seniors were online waiting for the clock to hit 8 sharp to enroll in their classes when suddenly the site crashed. 

FIU brilliantly scheduled its whole 1,000+  senior status students to enroll themselves into class that Tuesday morning, but it did not go according to plan. As soon as the clock hit 8 a.m. the enrollment site had crashed, creating an online college version of the Hunger Games.

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Students began to text each other and send messages in their class WhatsApp chats to see if anyone was lucky enough to enroll in their classes but everyone seemed to have the same problem. 


In fact, many of these students even took their furry to Twitter directly tweeting to FIU’s personal twitter.

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Others were anxious and worried that the classes they had in their carts would be filled up. 

“It’s annoying that this happens, “ said an FIU Student,” they assign a date to enroll and a time frame only to make us wait even more. which is ridiculous!” 

These senior students all kept refreshing their page, re-login, and using other devices to see if perhaps their luck would change, but nothing. 

It’s not to say that EVERY senior student had enrollment issues, some of them were  quite lucky that the fiu server went by smoothly, never crashed and allowed them to enroll, but other students spend their whole morning trying to see if they can get  through the server.

To those that had that stress free enrollment congratulations you have won the 76th annual hunger games. 

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At the end, some were unfortunate to enroll in the classes they had in their carts. Those who didn’t have the fair opportunity to enroll in their classes had no choice but to go back to phase one and begin the hunt again.  

FIU then sent out an automatic message confirming the server problem, but failed to say anything else.