Finally! A Website That Will do Your Job Search for You

Going into college we have this preconception that after earning a degree, getting work out of school is going to be easy. Why wouldn’t it be? We worked hard all four years, balancing involvements, schoolwork, internships/jobs, and we did everything right. We are desirable candidates for any company...right? Unfortunately, according to There Is Life After College, author Jeffrey Selingo, the reality is that two thirds of recent college graduates face a struggle when trying to get employed their first couple years after college. 

But don’t stress- I’m here to tell you about RippleMatch. This new, student-friendly job search platform utilizes intelligent matching algorithms to match you with awesome opportunities post-graduation. Unlike other sites, RippleMatch matches students directly with potential first-round interviews, cutting the countless hours spent browsing and applying to jobs. Essentially, it’s the Tinder of job searching sites.

Founded by Yale graduates Eric Ho and Andrew Meyers (pictured above), the two joined forces to bring RippleMatch to life when they were struggling to get employed as they were nearing graduation. They believed that it shouldn’t be this hard for qualified students to get hired and developed a system that connects employers to seniors based on shared values and beliefs. This solution connects candidates to hiring managers based on their core competencies rather than experience. 

So how does it work? Start by taking five minutes to create your profile. Once registered, the RippleMatch matching software will go through all its employers to identify great opportunities for you based on the preferences you listed in your profile. You can accept or reject the opportunity. Once accepted you’ll be given a few short supplemental questions to give you a chance to re-emphasize your interest which will allow their Talent Team to fast-track you to a first-round interview with a recruiter. 

RippleMatch is partnered with many desirable companies such as S&P, Teach for America, Lyft, Citadel, Under Armour, Accenture, Estee Lauder, Mastercard, TripAdvisor, and more! Within my first couple weeks registered I was matched with Gap, PNC, Groupon, and Hajoca.  

Finding a job out of college shouldn't be a stressfull experience. Take advantage of every resource available to make it easier.