Do You Love Sushi?

Are you a sushi lover? Have you visited a lot of sushi restaurants but still haven’t felt butterflies in your stomach?  Well, I felt the same way too until this past week. Located in one of South Florida’s oldest cities, Coral Gables. Beautiful tree-lined boulevards are home too many delicious restaurants’ that feature a variety of exotic cuisine including my new personal favorite, “Red Koi Thai Sushi Lounge.”

The Red Koi Thai Sushi Lounge symbol, which is a redfish, represents their endurance and perseverance. The Japanese Koi fish also represents love and affection. What makes this sushi lounge unique is that they channel their positive energy and passion into their culinary creations, decor, service, and ambiance. Red Koi Thai and Sushi Lounge is the perfect destination for anyone who is seeking a unique and entertaining experience.

From delicious lunches to decadent dinner entrees and spectacular cocktails, this restaurant offers quality-tasting meals. My personal favorites are the Volcano sushi rolls. If you are planning on visiting this restaurant with a group of friends I recommend ordering a “sushi boat.” This means that you get to order a variety of sushi rolls from the menu, up to 60 rolls! Fun fact: My friends and I ordered this and the rolls were so good that we ended up eating seventeen rolls each! Talk about having a major food baby afterward.

The sophisticated atmosphere at Red Koi offers great service. The wait for the food was extremely short and the waiters were nice and continuously visited our table to make sure that everything was okay. My favorite was the decoration and lightening the restaurant had.  It was simplistic yet very elegant. It is perfect for a date night or even a birthday celebration. Red Koi also offers catering service for any event. Make sure to call ahead of time for pricing and unique party platters.

It is safe to say I have found my go-to sushi restaurant and I only hope after you visit Red Koi it becomes your personal favorite as well. Making sushi is an art, and experience is everything; let Red Koi take your sushi expectations to another level. Bon Appetite my sushi lovers.


Love and Inspiration,

For you,