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            Certain things are done unintentionally and the circumstances you’ve been placed in may either put you in a good position or bad depending on how you see things. No matter what the situation may have been or turned out to be you always grow from these experiences. Being a student in college you don’t just learn inside the classroom but outside as well. You learn about different people and different cultures and how they interact within their religions and beliefs. The truth is everyone is the same when it comes down to core beliefs and moral ethics. No matter what part of the world you grew up in you should know right from wrong because you react the same way to various situations whether it’s the death of someone, the birth of another or something as simple as a smile. These characteristics help distinguish various people and help us group them and determine which people are right for us. The way we all would like to see this is by grouping ourselves with people that are good and kind and think positive like us. The reality is that not everyone you meet with have good intentions and they usually surround themselves around these types of people.

            The main reason why this has been brought up is due to the fact that during your college years you are faced with many challenges in life and they can either take you the route you plan to take or the one that someone else has for you. There have been certain instances where we all face daunting tasks that can lead us into situations we didn’t ask for but that is life you live and you learn just be sure to learn from others mistakes and not just yours. There have been instances within my life where I have seen people lose things they have worked so hard for in a matter of days because of one wrong move. As cliché as it sounds life really is like a chess game but only if you’re willing to play and take the risk. This relates to many things occurring at this age such as relationships not only with friends but loved ones and those who are more than friends. There are events where good gestures can turn against you and you realize not everyone has good intentions. Asking for forgiveness is the best way to get past such events regardless of what kind of person you are. This is for men and women because it works both ways; therefore, being honest not only to others but yourself is the best way to go about all situations presented to you.

Not to keep this in a negative tone there are various ways to make difficult decisions that will help you in positive manners such as moving to Miami by yourself and being part of various organizations that help you expand your knowledge and social network and no I don’t mean Facebook. There are also many other ways to experience new drastic things through FIU and that is by studying abroad. This is beneficial especially to those who have never left home or been apart from their family for large periods of time. Everything you do in life is a learning experience regardless of how you do it or who you do it with just make sure you’re doing things for yourself and not to please others. Make time to see things around campus and even if you don’t participate in them give them a chance and look into them you never know what you might get out of them. There are numerous organizations within campus that will help you get involved and just remember it’s not always about what will look good on your resume but what you will enjoy doing and what will help you grow to become a better person. 



A kid raised in Brooklyn, New York home of fashion, art and great culture. The greatest thing to happen to me was living in the city in a sense it was a love/hate relationship because of the area in which I grew up in. Then there was Manhattan filled with all the lights and glamour and things that were on the big screen. Once I moved to Florida it was in a small town called Bradenton which was a huge culture shock because it was the total opposite from what I was used to in every sense ranging from transportation to people. Then there was the care free atmosphere in which shirts and shoes are optional and thong sandals are an every day thing opposed to the city where that is a rare find. Living in Bradenton gave me a different outlook on things and humbled me in a sense. Then moving to Miami for school brought me back to my city roots except with a different view on things and my motivation now is to gain success and not material things as I once dreamed of attaining.
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