Cool Off in the Florida Springs

Most of us when we picture Florida we think about Disney World or the states beautiful beaches. But before Florida became known for its theme parks many visited the state for its pristine fresh water springs. Today you can visit them while taking a fresh dip, kayak or tube through them and even camp out at their camping sites.


Recently I got a chance to visit some of the more popular ones: Ginnie Springs and Ichetucknee Springs State Park.


What to do in Ginnie Springs:


Ginnie Springs is located along the Santa Fe River allowing guests to tube their way down the river with the current and be able to enter the springs along their way down. As well as getting a chance to paddle board or swim and snorkel in the crystal clear water. But beware the water is around 70 degrees all year round. For some this may be warm but for us Floridians its quite cold.


In Ginnie there are three Springs: Devil’s Eye, Devil’s Ear and Devil Spring as well as a complex cave system within them. A great place for experienced divers to explore the caves.  Don’t have your own gear to snorkel tube or scuba? No worries, there are renting facilities on site.


What to do in Ichetucknee Springs:


Ichetucknee Springs State Park is 2,669 acres of adventure and relaxing, depending on what you make of it. The park is made out of 8 main springs and Florida’s Ichetucknee River. You can snorkel their famous Blue Hole Spring or while tubing along the river or kayak it for those that feel the water is too cool.


Things to pack for your Florida Spring Adventure:




-Bug Spray

-Bathing suit

-Water shoes (if you don’t like feeling things under your feet in the water)


In both Florida springs you'll also have a chance to catch wildlife such as turtles, manatees, fish, owls, etc. Keep your eye out for them!