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Coachella Vibes: Outfits You’d Actually Wear

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

It’s festival season and we all know that means good music, great food and lots of fashion trends. Let’s be real, most of the outfits we see on social media for festivals like Coachella are too funky or “trendy” for most of us to even try out. Here are a few WEARABLE, Coachella-style outfits (and price details) I found at a super cute, Boho-chic, store here in Miami. *Surprise: All FIU students get a 20% in-store discount when an FIU ID is presented*


1. Keeping-it-Classy Trendsetter:

Denimo Top – Light Denim $27.00

Admin Short – White $34.00

Chunky metal necklace: $18.00


2. Flower Vibes

Remedios Dress – Wimsi Mellow Buff $64.00

Multi chain layer choker: $16.99

Pointed hoop $6.95

Vita platform – gold $62.00

Embellished stone ring $8.00


3. Hipster Girl

Feedback Jumpsuit $44.00

Multi chain layer choker: $16.99

Vita platform – gold $62.00

Embellished stone ring $8.00


4. The Modern Hippie 

Lounge Kimono $35.00

Sabo Pant – Light Jean $49.00

Engraved medium cuff – silver $7.00

Multi beaded bolo necklace $22.00

Vita platform – gold $62.00

All these festival-inspired outfits can be found online at https://valijagitana.com or in-store as they are located in International Mall and Pembroke Lakes Mall. Get more fashion inspo by searching up the hashtags #valijagirls on their insta: @Valijamiami. Don’t forget your FIU student ID for a rad discount!