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One of the hardest things for women our age is finding a happy medium between wifey material and taking no BS. We find it difficult to put our foot down and set boundaries with men who do the absolute bare minimum. Why? Is it because we place our issues of intimacy and codependency above the value of ourselves? Society makes it women’s mission to find someone to love. We can’t be alone, and so we put men’s desires and needs before our own in fear of being alone. However, Sherry Argov has been titled a hero for helping women with this very problem. 

Her self-help book titled “Why Men Love B*tches” picks apart every relationship problem and teaches women how to handle them like “b*tches”. She uses the phrase very often in her book and reclaims it as a positive title. In the first chapter, the book compares a doormat to a b*itch. This ultimately boils down to why a strong woman is more desirable than a “nice girl”. Before you think: “why should I concern myself with being desired by men?”, that’s not the point of the entire book. 

Yes, men desire strong women. However, the book’s overarching theme is learning how to be independent and putting yourself first. This translates into multiple spheres of our lives: work, school, clubs, and friendships. In our years of adolescence, we’re scared of loneliness, but never realize the difference in being alone and being lonely. To be alone is to enjoy your own company and not depending on others for happiness. 

So, while this book is aimed at women seeking to change their relationship flaws, it changes the reader’s perception of self as well. It included scenarios for every situation, whether you’re married, single, or casually dating; every woman should be able to relate. Give it a try and pass it on to another woman you think could use it!


Hey y’all! My name is Avery Coffey and before you ask, I love coffee. I reside in Florida, but Kentucky is where my heart is. Coffee is one of my few addictions. I love creating and painting; there’s no other feeling than accomplishing a vision of your own. I’m studying Creative Writing at FIU and hope to get a certificate in Film Studies so I’ll have a purpose to analyze movies! I hope you’re able to find some guidance and helpful tips through my writing!
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