Best FIU Graduation Picture Spots

If you're a true #ProudPanther, admit it, you know you're interested in taking at least SOME graduation pictures in honor of the memories you've made here. Therefore, I thought I'd share some of the best FIU graduation picture spots there are. Thanks to my amazing photographer, Margi Rentis, I was able to get the picture perfect shots I have been dreaming about getting when I graduated. Follow her on Instagram, @margirentisphotos, for other graduation photo shoots she has done in the past! Below are the results and spots you can't miss getting your graduation pictures at...

1. Inside AND Outside the FIU Library

 2. The Graham Center (GC) Fountain

3. The GC Seal

4. In front of GC

5. At the Panther Statue​

Some additional spots that are good backdrops are the Stadium and Architecture Studio Building's walls. I highly recommend, especially if they're sentimental places for you. And for all my business majors, I have one more spot you can't miss...

6. The College of Business Complex (CBC) "FIU Business" Sign

In addition to these spots, you may want to consider bringing some props and significant people that helped you get to where you are today. Here are some that I included in mine...

1. Your Grad Cap, chords, and stoles!

2. Balloons & any shirts/sweaters of organizations or programs you participated in!

3. Confetti! You can buy some at Party City or Walmart.

4. Significant people in your life! (I brought my parents, especially since they're both FIU Alumni.)

Other props I recommend are smoke bombs and champagne! They can make your Graduation Photo shoot even more fun! 

Well, CONGRATS FIU GRADS! I hope you find this article useful especially with another graduation season approaching right around the corner!