Benefits of the Enneagram in the Workplace

Modern-day social media can take just about any topic of interest and turn it into a worldwide trend or discussion. This has been the case with many topics over the years, and this year one that has risen to popularity is the Enneagram Personality Test. If you’ve ever taken the Myers Briggs personality test, then chances are you might be familiar with the enneagram test, but if you haven’t, the enneagram test is a classic personality test composed of nine different personality types that describe the way you view the world and helps you learn your unique strengths and weaknesses, your leadership style, and overall the way you maneuver through life. The popular test is not just a great tool to learn more about yourself but is also highly beneficial in the workplace. There is a reason why more companies, businesses, non-profits, and employers are beginning to use it. And you also might be wondering how this test can be beneficial to you. If you’ve ever experienced conflict at work, dread group projects and team meetings, or simply can’t get along with your co-workers, here are some benefits that come from learning your Enneagram type that can facilitate your experience in the workplace. 

1. Helps identify your learning and leadership style

The Enneagram Test identifies all nine personality types with a corresponding number. Each number is attributed to distinct personality traits, habits and thought patterns. By learning your type, you are able to learn introspective information about yourself that can help you perform better at work. Everyone learns differently, and not everyone shares the same leadership style. Some of us function in the form of a leader, while others of us fall on the other side of the spectrum, and are more of followers. Learning your enneagram type can help you identify the way you grasp information and can help you discover the way you operate in group settings when working alongside other team members or co-workers. 

2. Facilitates team-building 

We’ve all been assigned a task or project at one point with a team member or co-worker we absolutely can’t stand. Working as a team is rarely ever an easy task when contributors all have differing opinions and ideas and communicate in distinct ways. Luckily, the Enneagram Test has been recognized by many business leaders and trainers as the most effective tool available today for team-building and developing emotional intelligence. By knowing your Enneagram type, it is easier to manage your patterns of reactivity when personalities clash. You are also able to learn about other members’ working styles in determining where they fall under in terms of structure, such as being very structured or being more lenient. The Enneagram also helps reduce conflict in a team and helps you find common ground amongst various personality types. It also allows for easier delegation of tasks based on individual team member personalities. 

3. Enhances relationships and communication

One of the most significant takeaways from the Enneagram is the development of prosocial relationship building and communication enhancement. The enneagram test provides a model for all nine personality types to respect individual differences, appreciate cultural diversity and allow space for flexibility and adaptability. Learning your enneagram type ultimately helps you understand that every team member or co-worker has an important perspective and contribution to bring to the workplace. By learning your type you are able to understand your communication style and how it impacts those in your group or team. It also helps on how to give and receive feedback in a way that each member in a team feels respected, acknowledged and appreciated. It has become a great asset in today’s world to form successful, long-term relationships in the workplace. 

All these benefits are what make the Enneagram test stand out as a great asset in the workplace. Whether you’re interested in personal growth and development and want to do some deep self-reflection, a group facilitator trying to lead a group, or run a business or company and are looking to establish good teamwork and effective communication within your business; you can definitely gain a lot of valuable knowledge by taking the Enneagram Personality test. You can take the test here and you can check out the Instagram account, Enneagram & Coffee, for fun and insightful posts on each enneagram type.