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What qualities do you think make a model a great model? Is it the fierce facial expressions while walking down the runway, the way they effortlessly interact with the audience? Is it how camera friendly the models are and how they look like they are having the time of their lives on stage? Or is it how flawless and thin their bodies look? For decades many brands, like Victoria’s Secret, have promoted the stereotype that the best runway models should be tall and skinny. This ideal image that models should be thin became so out of control that many girls struggled with eating disorders to maintain their slim fit. However, the present generation has agreed that we have had enough. Many brands are now shifting their values by accepting all body types in the industry. After all, each and every body types are beautiful.

My Story

As a little girl, I would always wonder– why do all models look the same? Every December, I would consistently watch the annual Victoria Secret Show, hoping that one day I might be able to look like the models. In the moment, those dreams did not seem attainable as to my body type was not like your typical model, but instead I was a short chunky girl. Just like many other girls, I felt insecure about my body.

To conclude, the point I am trying to prove with this article, is that no-one should feel judged or ashamed of their bodies. We all come in different forms and they are ALL beautiful. Some famous brands are now using inclusivity as a marketing strategy to sell their products in a more authentic way. In my opinion, this strategy works better because, as a consumer, when I see real people advertising the product it can increase the chances of me purchasing it. Encouraging people to be who they are is the new body positive marketing trend!

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